Perpetual Motion Holder
Perpetual Motion Holder animation by Paulo Gomes

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Leedskalnin's Perpetual Motion Holder steel, copper, aluminum.
6"W x 12"H x 1.5"D. 
However, an explanation without proof of concept, despite the anomaly, will raise an eyebrow of even the most open minded.   This site now features that proof of concept as a follow up to the original article on Keelynet and is the results of my ongoing research based on the experiments detailed in the writings of Edward Leedskalnin.  
 The Atom and Common Core Concept
I originally began this project to demonstrate the possibility of perpetual motion while studying at Purdue University in May of 2002.

Researchers have continued to be interested in this device because it defies natural laws of physics and is unexplainable by conventionally excepted electromagnetic theory.  Modern science says it is impossible, but Edward Leedsklanin's theory says it is simple, natural, and that it's workings are misunderstood because there are some important aspects in the foundations of science being taught in schools that are wrong.   

Perhaps more intriguing than the ability to store energy indefinitely, the Perpetual Motion Holder can act like a living thing; and because it operates on the principles of a theory with a sound base of understanding, Leedskalnin is able to use this device as a real working depiction of the atom and the earth. Throughout his writings Leedskalnin points to a lack in a base understanding in all branches of science,  and is quite thorough in his disparaging of J.J. Thomson's electron invention.    
The Perpetual Motion Holder is primarily a teaching device but it has many functions including an electromagnet, this is easy enough to see; it is a generator—spin a magnet between the coils it will generate electricity; it functions as a transformer; it demonstrates how permanent magnets are made, and is a holder of perpetual motion.  The latter will be demonstrated now because it is important for you to see it defy some of the most basic laws of physics and a few, more sophisticated laws of modern EM theory.  In the least, this experiment should generate questions for even the well versed scholar of modern theory.  Admittedly, the intention is in part is to show weakness in the current excepted views on the nature of the universe and to challenge J.J. Thomson's invention of the electron.
Leedskalnin includes construction details for the Perpetual Motion Holder in his book, Magnetic Current.  Magnetic Current provides instructions for experiments that Leedskalnin utilizes to prove electricity is composed of two currents that move forward with a right hand twist; and that the base of these two currents is the individual North and South Pole magnet. This can be realized with a few simple experiments.  
Diagram and Wiring

Leedskalnin's Perpetual Motion Holder
Transcribed versions of Leedskalnin's writings are available here.


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Perpetual Motion Holder
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